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Fixingyourtaxproblems.com is a division of Hodge Group LLC

Are you awake at night, thinking about your tax problems?

Do you have any of the following?

  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • An Unpaid Tax Bill
  • Liability For A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • A Tax Return That Needs To Be Amendedtax-problems
  • A Tax Lien On Your Property
  • Worrying That You May Get A Bank Or Wage Levy Notice
  • Notice Your Tax Return Is Being Audited
  • Any Other Tax Problems


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If you have any tax problem listed above, you should discuss your situation with us.

I’m Thomas Hodge, Founder of Hodge Group, LLC.  For nearly 30 Years, we’ve helped people with their tax problems.  Whether it’s with the IRS, State or Local Agencies or Collection Agencies, we can help.

For Individual Tax Resolution, our services include:

  • Filing back owed tax returns to bring you in compliance.  Most tax agencies will not begin discussing solutions until all tax returns have been filed.
  • Remove liens and levies, when possible.
  • Remove Penalties, when possible.
  • Set up installment agreements, Offers In Compromise or determine if your debt qualifies as Currently Non-Collectible.
  • Handling communications with the IRS and other agencies.
  • Making sure you stay in compliance in future years with proper tax planning and tax preparation
  • Audit representation & more!

For Business Tax Resolution, we offer the above as well as a determination if a different business form would be beneficial.

Please read our pages and blog posts and if we can help, please reach out to us.  We’ll schedule a 45-minute phone call to discuss your case and figure out steps moving forward.